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ETFA 2020 Conference

Sep 11th 2020

The 25th IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (ETFA 2020) was held at Vienna University of Technology from 8-11 September 2020

The conference focused on recent developments and technologies in the field of industrial and factory automation and is aimed at disseminating novel ideas and emerging trends, research findings and practical achievements. 

Ali Al-Yacoub, a Research Associate from the Intelligent Automation Centre, presented his paper on “Effective Human-Robot Collaboration through Wearable Sensors” at the conference virtually, sharing the results of his work on the DigiTOP project. 

ETFA 2020 was an excellent opportunity for participants to exchange ideas and network with both industry leaders and a variety of experienced researchers, developers and practitioners from different industries and research institutes.


PhD Student Wins Award

May 27th 2020

We are delighted to announce that the paper Achim Buerkle presented at the UKRAS2020 Conference on 17 April 2020 has been awarded 'Best Paper Award - Runner-Up'

Achim, who is a PhD student at the Intellligent Automation Centre, wrote the paper entitled "An Incremental Learning Approach for Physical Human-Robot Collaboration" in conjunction with Dr Ali Al-Yacoub, a Research Associate at the Centre, and Dr Pedro Ferreira, Lecturer in Manufacturing Systems.


 Many congratulations to all three of you.


Viva - Paul Danny Anandan

May 12th 2020

Paul has successfully defended his PhD viva today which was based on reliability-based design methodology for reusable modular assembly systems

Staff and students from the Intelligent Automation Centre would like to convey their congratulations to Dr Anandan.


UKRAS20 Conference

Apr 20th 2020

On 17 April, the 3rd UK-Robotics and Autonomous Systems (UK-RAS) Network Conference, hosted by the University of Lincoln, was held virtually due to the current Covid-19 outbreak

Entitled 'Robots into the Real World' and aimed specifically at PhD students & early-career robotics researchers, the conference explored how robotics can make a positive difference to societal challenges.

Its aim was to promote quality research for PhD students and practitioners at the frontier of science and technology in intelligent robots and systems by discussing the latest advancements in this fast growing and exciting field.

As well as invited speakers from the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge and Edinburgh, researchers were afforded the opportunity to present their work via both oral and poster presentations. A number of research students from the Intelligent Automation Centre participated in this event.

Oral Presentation:

  •        Buerkle, A, Al-Yacoub, A, Ferreira, P:
           Incremental Learning Approach for Physical Human-Robot Collaboration

Poster Presentation:

  •        De Becker, D, Dobrzanski, J, Goh, YM, Justham, L:
           Towards the Development of a Deposition Technology for an Automated
           Rail Repair System
  •        Foley, B, Ferreira, P, Zimmer, M:
           Towards Gamification of the Ramp-up Process for Industry 4.0 

  •        Zimmer, M, Al-Yacoub, A, Ferreira, P, Lohse, N:
           Towards Human-Chatbot Interaction: A Virtual Assistant for the Ramp-up

Particular congratulations go to Achim et al, who were awarded runner up for best paper.

More information on the conference can be found here.


Loughborough Family Rallies Together to Support the Country During COVID-19 Pandemic

Apr 9th 2020

Several Schools and Departments at the University are working collaboratively to help produce plastic parts for face shields which will be worn by NHS staff during the coronavirus outbreak

The Intelligent Automation Centre has offered the services of their 3D printers for the production of parts to support Toyota who are then assembling them to make face shields for NHS staff.

                                                                   Face shield parts

                Face shield parts produced on one of the Centre's 3D printers 


If you or your business have a 3D printer and would like to help, please visit this website.

                             Assembled Face Shield

A fully assembled face shield


Further information on how Loughborough University is helping the NHS with the fight against COVID-19 can be found here.


New PhD Student

Feb 3rd 2020

A new PhD student joins the Intelligent Automation Centre

This week the Centre has welcomed Claire Pottier, who was awarded her degree in Mechantronic and Embedded Systems by ESIX, the School of Engineering at the University of Caen, Normandy in October 2019. 

Claire spent the summer of 2018 here at the Intelligent Automation Centre on an Eramus exchange programme and we are delighted that she has chosen to undertake her PhD studies with us.

Her PhD is being supported by The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC), Coventry and her research will focus on large volume digitalisation for manufacturing workspaces.


Winter Graduation

Dec 18th 2019

Two students from The Intelligent Automation Centre participated in the winter graduation ceremony that took place at Loughborough University on Monday 16 December 2019

Dr Simon Micheler undertook his PhD within the Intelligent Automation Centre, whilst Dr Keith Lorenz studied for his EngD in conjunction with The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC), Coventry. Both celebrated their success as they graduated earlier this week.

Simon is now employed by EagleBurgmann in their Industrial Engineering Department, where he is responsible for the company's automation strategy and projects, and Keith is now a Welding Engineer at Rolls-Royce, where he works on power beam technologies.

Staff and students at the Centre wish them both all the very best in their chosen careers.


Outreach Activity

Nov 25th 2019

The Intelligent Automation Centre visits Hathern Primary School 

Daniel De Becker, one of the Centre's PhD students, and Dr Thomas Bamber, one of our Lecturers, visited a class of Year 4 students at Hathern Primary School on 20 November 2019 to share their knowledge and passion for engineering and robotics.

Danny and Tom spent the morning talking to the 8 year olds about intelligent automation and explained how, where and why robots are used today. They demonstrated a 3D printer to the class, whilst Nao (our humanoid robot) delighted the students with a few of his dance moves and enlightened them about where he came from and what he could do. The children were also given the opportunity to play hungry hippos with some mobile robots and to create drawings using a ground based mobile robot.  

A fun time was had by all, with one of the children remarking that "this was the best morning of his life".



ROS-Industrial EU Fall'19 Workshop

Oct 22nd 2019

The ROS-Industrial (Robot Operating System-Industrial) EU Technical Workshop, hosted by Fraunhofer IPA, took place in Stuttgart, Germany on 9 - 10 October 2019

Dr Ali Al-Yacoub, one of the Intelligent Automation Centre's Research Associates, attended this technical workshop.

Day 1 focussed on the latest developments of MoveIt, which included aspects of motion planning, manipulation, 3D perception, kinematics and control & navigation. This session was presented by Michael Goerner (University of Hamburg) and Henning Kayser (PickNik), both members of the ROS-Industrial Consortium and the maintainers of MoveIt in Europe. 

Day 2 was divided into two parts: the first half of the day included the integration of Security features in ROS, which was covered by Sebastian Taurer (Joanneum Research), also a ROS-Industrial Consortium member. He demonstrated some insufficiencies of ROS(1) using the penetration testing tool ROSPenTo. In addition, delegates had a chance to setup and configure SROS2, a set of tools to provide security infrastructure to ROS2. The afternoon session was focussed around the subject of skill-oriented programming, when Rafael Lirio Arrais (INESC TEC), Hanno Bjarne Grossmann (Aalbourg Uni) and Ludovic Delval (Fraunhofer IPA) gave an overview of the EU project ScalABLE4.0 and robotics skill-oriented programming tools which were developed within the project to enable flexibility in the production line.

For further information on any of the above, please see the following links:


IMechE Mechatronics Student of the Year Award 2019

Oct 20th 2019

Loughborough University student wins IMechE Mechatronics Student of the Year Award 2019

Guy King, a final year student studying Mechanical Engineering at Loughborough University, has been awarded the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) Mechantronics Student of the Year Award 2019.  His entry ‘Design and Build Chess Playing Robot’ was judged the overall winner at the final presentations held at the IMechE’s headquarters in London, where he received a cheque for £1000 and a glass trophy.

This annual awards ceremony celebrates the best undergraduate or recent graduate student project in the field of mechatronics. 

For further information, please see here.

38th Motek International Trade Fair

Oct 14th 2019

To gain an insight into the latest trends and developments in the area of production and assembly automation, Dr Ali Al-Yacoub, a Research Associate from the Intelligent Automation Centre, visited this year's Motek International Trade Fair, which took place in Stuttgart, Germany from 7 - 10 October 2019



Under the category of “Smart Solutions for Production and Assembly” more than 75 turnkey assembly system operators and over 125 robot system integrators attended the annual Motek Trade Fair. Emphasising the importance of connectivity and digitalisation, the Arena of Integration demonstrated the physical and digital integration of components, processes and systems as part of ready-to-use scenarios in today’s industry. The fair also had a series of technical talks and a Safety + Automation forum for visitors interested in specific topics.  

For further information, please see here.

New PhD Student

Oct 8th 2019

A new PhD student joins the Intelligent Automation Centre

This week the Centre has welcomed a new student - Mohammed Mabkhot. His PhD research will focus on exploring the benefits of applying a symbiotic system during ramp-up time in industry 4.0 environments.


1st International Conference on Industrial Cognitive Ergonomics and Engineering Psychology (ICEEP)

Aug 12th 2019

The 10th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics (AHFE 2019) was held in Washington DC, USA from 24 - 28 July 2019, where the 1st Affiliated International Conference on Industrial Cognitive Ergonomics and Engineering Psychology (ICEEP) was introduced

Jordan Crawford, one of the Intelligent Automation Centre's PhD students, presented a poster at the first ICEEP conference, which examined the cognitive ergonomic aspects of a workplace to understand a working task and solve a problem, thus making human-system interaction compatible with human cognitive abilities and limitations at work. 


The conference addressed the broad spectrum of modern ongoing research in cognitive ergonomics and related technologies and provided an opportunity for researchers, doctors, engineers, designers and practitioners to exchange new ideas and practical experiences from a diverse domain of cognitive ergonomics, psychology, human system interaction and applications of cognitive engineering in everyday life.

More information on the conference can be found here


IEEE International Conference on Industrial Informatics (INDIN’19)

Jul 31st 2019

Melanie Zimmer, a PhD student from the Intelligent Automation Centre, recently had the opportunity to present some of her work at the 17th IEEE International Conference on Industrial Informatics (INDIN19) in Helsinki-Espoo, Finland from 22 - 25 July 2019


This year’s conference was hosted by Aalto University and provided a forum for presentation and discussion on state-of-the-art and future perspectives of industrial information technologies. Industry experts, researchers and academics gathered together to share ideas and experiences surrounding frontier technologies, breakthroughs, innovative solutions, research results, as well as initiatives related to industrial informatics and their applications.

Across the three days of the conference, fourteen special sessions and three Industry Forum sessions took place, including workshops and hands-on tutorials under the theme of Industrial Applications of Artificial Intelligence. A Women in Engineering workshop was held to promote the involvement of women in science, and attendees also had the opportunity to visit ABB in Helsinki or Konecranes in Hyvinkää.

Further information can be found here


Four Centre PhDs Graduate

Jul 22nd 2019

Four PhD students from The Intelligent Automation Centre participated in the graduation ceremony that took place at Loughborough University on Friday 19 July 2019

Dr Ali Al-Yacoub, Dr Khaled Elgeneidy, Dr John Hodgson and Dr Spartak Ljasenko all undertook their PhDs within the Intelligent Automation Centre and celebrated their success as they graduated last week.

Both Ali and John will remain at the Centre, where they have been appointed as Research Associates and will be working on a variety of research projects. Khaled has secured a role as Senior Lecturer in Robotics and Mechatronics at the University of Lincoln, whilst Spartak is now employed by JOT Automation in Estonia as a Mechanical Engineer.

Staff and students at the Centre wish them all the very best in their chosen careers.


Summer Internship

Jul 8th 2019

The Intelligent Automation Centre is hosting an existing Loughborough University student on a summer internship

Connor Gill, who is a current Masters student on the Manufacturing Engineering programme, will be undertaking research with us over the summer on local robot accuracy enhancement.

If you are interested in a summer internship with the Centre, please contact us:


24th International Conference on Applications of Natural Language to Information Systems (NLDB 2019)

Jul 5th 2019

One of our postgraduate research students, Melanie Zimmer, attended this year’s NLDB conference which was held at the University of Salford on 26 - 28 June 2019

This conference was first established in 1995 and gives those interested in applications of Natural Language in the field of Information Systems a platform to come together. The conference covered topics such as information search and topic extraction, plus classification and sentiment analysis across the various fields of medicine, e-commerce and social media.

In addition to the presentation of the accepted papers, two talks were given by invited speakers: Robert Stevens from the School of Computer Science at the University of Manchester, who shared his experience in bio-ontologies; and Vijayan Sugumaran from the Department of Decision and Information Sciences at Oakland University, who talked about detecting different states of emergency events using web resources to help social groups and first responders handle these events effectively.

More information on the conference can be found here.

And the proceedings of the conference can be accessed here.

Next year’s event is to be hosted in Saarbrücken, Germany.


1st International Conference on Industry 4.0 and Advanced Manufacturing (I-4AM 2019)

Jul 3rd 2019

Dr Niels Lohse, Director of the Intelligent Automation Centre at Loughborough University, was invited to be a Keynote Speaker at the 1st I-4AM 2019 Conference which took place at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, India from 28-29 June 2019


Industry 4.0 uses connected intelligence to improve productivity, quality, flexibility, safety & sustainability across manufacturing enterprises in which Robotics and Additive Manufacturing play a critical role. This conference provided a platform to bring together stakeholders in manufacturing and Industry 4.0, in particular those in academia and industry, from both India and internationally, to deliberate on the nature, needs, challenges, opportunities, problems and solutions in this transformational area. A specific focus of I-4AM 2019 was to provide a platform for exploring avenues for creating a vision of sustainable, affordable and human-centric Industry 4.0 and to showcase cutting edge practice, research and educational innovation in this rapidly evolving area.

I-4AM 2019 (pronounced i-forum 2019) included keynote speakers and panel discussions from leaders in industry, academia, strategic sectors and policy bodies, as well as podium and poster sessions for research papers.

The conference was organised by the Centre for Product Design and Manufacturing, Indian Institute of Science, under its CEFC on I4.0India@IISc (Smart Factory) within the SAMARTH Udyog Bharat 4.0 programme of the Department of Heavy Industries, Government of India.

Topics at the conference included:

  •          Materials Processing & Joining
  •          Supply Chains
  •          Digital Manufacturing
  •          Controls, Autonomous Systems,
  •          Robotics
  •          Industry 4.0
  •          Sustainable Manufacturing
  •          Policy & Entrepreneurship


For further information, please see here


Viva - Keith Lorenz

Jun 20th 2019

Keith has successfully defended his EngD viva today which was based on reducing process variability through automation in hybrid manufacturing

Staff and students from the Intelligent Automation Centre and the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) would like to convey their congratulations to Dr Lorenz.


Digitalisation of Collaborative Human-Robot Workspaces

Jun 7th 2019

Find out more about one of our recent projects which explored the use of a network of cameras to produce digital images of the workspace and machine learning to predict events  


This project is the first to combine a real-time digital representation of an industrial workspace and the latest techniques in machine learning to ensure safe human-robot collaboration.

For more information, please see here.


Viva - Simon Micheler

Jun 3rd 2019

Simon has successfully defended his viva today which was based on early-stage decision support for the implementation of intelligent automation

Staff and students from the Intelligent Automation Centre would like to convey their congratulations to Dr Micheler.


IEEE International Conference on Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems (ICPS2019)

May 17th 2019

Melanie Zimmer, one of the Intelligent Automation Centre's PhD students, attended the joint IEEE International Conference on Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems (ICPS2019) and IEEE International Conference on Multisensor Fusion and Integration for Intelligent Systems (MFI2019) in Taipei, Taiwan from 6 - 9 May 2019


The main areas covered at the conference were:

  • The design, implementation and deployment of Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems and Services in industry
  • How the communication between the systems as well as humans can be facilitated
  • The enrichment of real-time analytics through Big Data across the value-chain

Besides the ICPS2019 and MFI2019 conference sessions, a well thought-through programme relevant for both research and industry was provided. The event opened with the IEEE International Industrial Summit on Robot Operating System (ROS) 2.0. A variety of keynote speakers from companies such as ADLINK Technology, NVIDIA, Microsoft and academic representatives from the National Taiwan University or Fraunhofer IPA presented outlooks on current and future developments for ROS with an emphasis on industrial applications. An exciting announcement was the official release for ROS on Windows to enable additional opportunities for ROS developers.

On the first half of the second and third day, further industry-led events had been arranged to reflect on the topics “AIOT and Robotics Activating Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems on Intelligent Manufacturing New Biz” and “Engineering Systems of Cyber-Physical Systems”. The respective afternoon sessions on those days, as well as the entire last day, were focused on conference presentations.

Melanie presented some of the research she is undertaking with the Intelligent Automation Centre and the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Embedded Intelligence (CDT-EI) at the Conference. She said: “It was a great experience being able to show a wider audience part of the work we have been doing in the Centre. The feedback from attendees was very encouraging and in particular it was important for me to hear that my PhD research is seen as having potential to help operators on the shop floor with their processes.”

More information about the conference or the CDT-EI can be found here:


Internship - Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

May 13th 2019

The Intelligent Automation Centre is hosting a student from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur on a summer internship

Poojan Shah is currently a third year undergraduate student who is enrolled on a Manufacturing Science and Engineering course in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at IIT.

His research interests lie in robotics, dynamics and control, machine design, CAD, FEA and additive manufacturing.

During his 9 week internship with the Centre (from 13 May - 12 July), Poojan will be undertaking research into flexible gripper technology for picking up fabrics.


Connected Everything Conference 2019: 25 - 26 June 2019

May 8th 2019

Registration is now open 


The 2019 Conference - "Designing a Connected Future" - will take place at Jubilee Conference Centre, Jubilee Campus, University of Nottingham on Tuesday 25 and Wednesday 26 June 2019.

Register here

Submit a poster abstract here


Keynote Speakers include Professor Jan Godsell (University of Warwick) and Carol Brigley (Mondelez International)

The programme includes sessions on the value of design, digital technologies mapping, current digital manufacturing projects and industry perspectives.  Delegates will also be offered the opportunity to tour the University’s new Advanced Manufacturing Building and Mixed Reality Lab. 


The conference dinner will take place on the evening of Tuesday 25 June at the Council House, Market Square, Nottingham.  This is included in the delegate fee.


Information on accommodation can be found here


For general enquiries please contact:

STEM Outreach Activities

Apr 3rd 2019

Since joining the Intelligent Automation Centre as a PhD student, Melanie Zimmer has been fortunate enough to engage in a number of outreach activities with school age students to encourage them to consider a career in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)

Her experience started with an online event called I'm an Engineer, Get me out of here in March 2016, which is an X Factor style online event where 5 engineers compete against each other and are judged by school students based on the interaction taking place in a forum. School students grill the participants with questions ranging from "What is your favourite food", "What is the best thing about your job?" to "If robots are more intelligent than humans, will they be able to create robots that are more intelligent than themselves?" and "Does being a female affect the way you're treated if you are a scientist?"!!

Melanie said: "It was a really great experience to be exposed to these kind of questions and to see how curious the students were".

Since her first event, Melanie has taken part in a variety of outreach activities, such as I'm a Scientist - Careers Zone and CyberMentor, as well as both company and school visits. Her latest school visit took place in March when she went to St Bartholomew's Church of England Primary School in Loughborough as part of their participation in the Primary Engineer Leaders Award and 3M Cargo Challenge. 


STEM Outreach Visit to St Bartholomew's Church of England Primary School, Loughborough - March 2019

Melanie and some of her colleagues gave a short presentation about their work and research at Loughborough Unveristy and provided the students with feedback on their boat designs for the challenge, which had to be as light as possible whilst carrying up to 5kg without sinking. The students were then tasked with writing a short pitch for a fantastic idea which would then be judged for the Primary Engineer Leaders Award.his particular visit made Melanie realise just how much interest exists within school age children to participate in STEM outreach acitivites and at present she is involved in setting up a STEM outreach group between Heriot-Watt Univeristy in Edinburgh and Loughborough University where she is studying her PhD.

Although the outreach activities are not directly related to Melanie's research as such, they are very beneficial. She says: "Amongst other things, they help you to improve your communication and presentation skills, as you need to think about how to pitch your work and research to different audiences and age groups and you take away new ideas from each event - even from 5 and 6 year olds! By engaging with school age students like this, I hope to be able to give them an idea of how versatile science and engineering can be".

She added that "The person who influenced me most in choosing the educational path I have taken was my first ever female maths teacher; her passion about the subject was so inspirational to me! Trying to be a role model to the younger generation - both boys AND girls - challenging exsiting stereotypes and making an ongoing impact on school age students and their careers is my main motivation in participating in outreach activities". 


Wolfson School Postgraduate Research Conference 2019

Feb 21st 2019

This year's Wolfson School Postgraduate Research Conference is being held on Wednesday 6 June 2019 at the West Park Teaching Hub, Loughborough University

Each year Wolfson School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering holds a Conference specifically for Doctoral Researchers within the School. The event is an excellent opportunity for PhDs to present their research and benefit from collective discussion and feedback from a diverse audience, including peers, academics and non-specialists. For those PhDs who are not presenting, the Conference will provide the opportunity to listen to and engage with current research taking place within the School.

Wolfson School PhDs will be asked to contribute by attending this Conference and/or submitting an oral or poster presentation.

There will be a number of prizes awarded for:

  •          Best oral student presentation
  •          Best poster
  •          Best abstract

For further information, please see contact Wolfson School PhD Admin here



Delegate Registration/Call for Poster Abstracts: Connected Everything Conference 2019

Feb 7th 2019

Delegate registration and the call for abstracts for poster presentations are now open

The 2019 Conference - "Designing a Connected Future" - will take place at Jubilee Conference Centre, Jubilee Campus, University of Nottingham on Tuesday 25 and Wednesday 26 June 2019.

Funded through the EPSRC Manufacturing the Future challenge theme, Connected Everything: Industrial Systems in the Digital Age aims to identify the key challenges we face as digital technologies transform our industrial systems and to highlight related research excellence.  It is creating and supporting new collaborations between academics from diverse discipline areas to address these challenges and provides a forum for discussion and knowledge exchange, as well as funding for early-stage research projects in partnership with industry.

To register, please see here.

Delegate fees:

  • Early bird rate - £75 (available until 28 May 2019)
  • Full rate - £100

Fees include 2 days at the conference, plus conference dinner. (Please note that accommodation is not included).

Call for abstracts for poster presentations:

The Conference Organising Committee are delighted to invite submission of abstracts for poster presentations. Submissions should be made via EasyChair. Only one poster abstract may be submitted per individual.

Submit an abstract

Best Posters Awards: The conference will award three best posters: 1) best industry poster 2) best education poster 3) people’s choice. Award certificates will be presented to the winning presenters in the closing ceremony.

Key themes:

  • Creativity and product design
  • Industrial Internet of Things
  • Data analytics and decision making
  • Service design and customisation
  • Design for future manufacturing
  • Cyber-physical production systems
  • The future industrial worker
  • Regulations and standards

Key dates:

  • Closing date for abstract submissions - 8 May 2019
  • Notification of abstract acceptance - 22 May 2019
  • Closing date for early bird registration - 28 May 2019
  • Closing date for registration, and for receipt of posters - 14 June 2019
  • Conference - 25-26 June 2019

For general enquiries please contact:

Call for Papers: ICINCO 2019 Conference - 29-31 July 2019

Jan 31st 2019

The call for papers is now open for the 16th International Conference on Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics (ICINCO)

The 2019 Conference is sponsored by the Institute for Systems and Technologies of Information, Control and Communication (INSTICC) and will take place in Prague from 29-31 July. It will bring together researchers, engineers and practitioners interested in the application of Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics. 

When submitting papers, authors should highlight the benefits of Information Technology (IT) in one of the four areas listed below: 

Full instructions for paper submissions can be found here.

Ideas on how to solve problems using IT, both in R&D and industrial applications, are welcome. Papers describing advanced prototypes, systems, tools and techniques and general survey papers indicating future directions are also encouraged. Papers describing original work are invited in any of the areas listed above. Accepted papers presented at the conference by one of the authors will be published in the Proceedings of ICINCO, with an ISBN. Acceptance will be based on quality, relevance and originality. Both full research reports and work-in-progress reports are welcome. There will also be both oral and poster sessions.

Special sessions dedicated to case-studies and commercial presentations, as well as tutorials dedicated to technical/scientific topics, are also envisaged. Companies interested in presenting their products/methodologies, or researchers interested in holding a tutorial, workshop or special session, are invited to contact the conference secretariat or visit the conference website.

 Keynote Speakers

Important Dates

  • Regular Paper Submission: 28 February 2019
  • Regular Paper Authors Notification: May2019
  • Regular Paper Camera Ready and Registration: 16 May 2019 

Connected Everything Network Plus

Jan 30th 2019

Newsletter - Winter 2018/19


The Intelligent Automation Centre is involved in this project, which is being co-ordinated by the University of Nottingham.

Connected Everything is looking forward to continuing its work in 2019, supporting and strengthening the Digital Manufacturing community. We are now an inclusive network, engaging representatives from over 90 organisations, with nearly 250 registered members, from both academia and industry. The Winter 2018/19 Newsletter includes news of projects and events contributed from the wider community and also gives a flavour of Connected Everything’s recent activities and details of future events.

To read the newsletter, please see here



UK-RAS Conference - 24 January 2019

Jan 25th 2019

The 2nd UK-RAS Conference for PhD Students & Early-Career Researchers on ‘Embedded Intelligence’ took place in the West Park Teaching Hub at Loughborough University on 24 January 2019

The aim of the Conference was to promote quality research, networking and community building for PhD students and practitioners in the frontier of science and technology in intelligent robots and systems, by discussing the latest advancements in this fast growing and exciting field.

Two PhD students from the Intelligent Automation Centre presented papers at the conference, which was well attended by both PhD students and practitioners alike:

  • Danny De-Becker: 'Evaluation of U-Shaped Weld Prep Idenitifcation and Tracking'
  • Jim Dobrzanski: 'In Process Monitoring and Control of Automated TIG Welding Processes'

A further two PhD students from The Centre gave a poster presentation on their research, as did one of our Research Associates:

  • Achim Buerkle: 'Towards Symbiotic Human-Robot Collaboration: Human Movement Intention Recognition with an EEG'
  • Melanie Zimmer: 'Trajectory Creation Towards Fast Skill Deployment in Plug-and-Produce Assembly Systems: A Gaussian-Mixture Model Approach'
  • Will Eaton: 'Development of a Simulated Production Environment for Plug-And-Produce Architecture Testing'

A tour of the Intelligent Automation Centre also took place at which delegates were given demonstrations of various research topics that are currently being undertaken.


For further information, please contact our Centre Director, Dr Niels Lohse (


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