Research is the core activity of the Centre. Work is conducted across a number of themes, which together provide a holistic view of intelligent automation for manufacturing.

The Centre's research portfolio aims to demonstrate automated manufacturing processes that have previously been considered too technically challenging to achieve.

The aim of this research is to radically improve the effectiveness of manufacturing operations in key areas of UK industry, working to meet the needs of both large companies and manufacturing supply chains. The Centre is engaged in a mix of confidential and non-confidential research. Projects are defined by academics in the Centre in response to clearly identified automation needs within industry and include:

  • Capturing Human Skill
  • Business Case for Automation
  • Fixtureless Automated Sheet Metal Forming
  • Automated Polishing
  • Non-Contact Optical Inspection of Drilled Holes
  • Automated Free-Form Assembly of Threaded Fasteners
  • Collaborative Automation
  • Ubiquitous Safety
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