The Intelligent Automation Centre is based at Loughborough University and works closely with other universities and industry partners such as Rolls-Royce and the Manufacturing Technology Centre.

The Intelligent Automation Centre is part of a unique pipeline from discovery through to industrial deployment.  Work initiated within an academic environment can be developed through an established innovation pathway (i.e. the Manufacturing Technology Centre) to reach major industrial companies with the funding and commitment to exploit the results.  This continuous pipeline is central to the success and value of the Centre and unique within the UK.

The Intelligent Automation Centre is 400 square metres of dedicated lab space at Loughborough University along with access to state of the art research facilities. Academics and researchers work with industrial partners, sharing their complementary expertise to develop truly multidisciplinary research. Resources include several large industrial robot arms, machine vision and motion sensing equipment.

  • Fully understand human skill in advanced manufacturing and use this information to provide human-automation and intelligent automation solutions
  • Produce exemplars of research solutions to proof of concept demonstrator stage
  • Broaden the take up of automation throughout UK industry, especially within SMEs
  • Maintain high levels of quality whilst increasing production volume at reduced costs
  • Take a national role, connecting expertise with need in this growing specialist area
  • Inspire young people to consider future careers in highly skilled manufacturing roles
  • Promote the further development of intelligent automation for UK industry

Get Involved

A core aim of the National Centre is to build the intelligent automation community in the UK by identifying and bringing together academics and industry in knowledge sharing relationships and engaging the engineers of the future. The National Centre Manager, Dr Liz Dodson, is taking the lead on the outreach activity, supporting the development of a more cohesive intelligent automation community.

The outreach programme targets industry, academia and young people, with additional focus on the overall national impact of the EPSRC Centre. We strongly believe that for the work of the National Centre to have maximum impact it should not exclusively benefit those who can contribute the most, but should help to build a knowledge base that can support the development of world leading innovative manufacturing practice across the country, scaled appropriately to individual needs.

We hold a Technical Advisory Board meeting every two months to review the continued development of the research agenda. Any interested parties from academia or industry may request to attend these meetings and are actively encouraged to do so.

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