University Partners

We aim to connect academic groups across the UK to build a network of intelligent automation expertise that can directly benefit the UK manufacturing industry.

We aim to establish formal partnerships with a range of universities, in particular, those with expertise in robotics or computer science. The Centre will work with potential associates to understand the possibilities for collaboration and knowledge sharing. We welcome opportunities for knowledge exchange through visits, secondments and collaborative work.

Associate Universities will benefit from access to privileged information, Centre staff and equipment and funding opportunities created by the Centre, and also the foundation to connect with a range of other academic and industrial partners to identify issues, seek external funding and collaborate to find solutions that would not be obtainable in isolation

A call was launched in December 2013 for feasibility studies, with funding available for new projects of up to six months duration. Applications were invited for studies that would identify and develop ideas and approaches from other disciplines that could be applied to novel intelligent automation systems. Particular focus was given to developing research areas that have not been applied widely within the manufacturing domain before.

Details of the successful bids will be made available on this page. A further call is expected in 2014/15.
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